South Shore Rodent Control

South Shore rodent control exterminators pest control company Plymouth MAIf rodents invade your home or business, they can cause significant damage and spread viruses and bacteria that can make you, your family, your pets, your customers and your employees sick. That’s why an effective affordable rodent control company is so important for your business or home.

If a rodent finds its way to your property, do you know how to tell the difference between a mouse and a rat ?

Signs of a rodent infestation include droppings and gnaw marks on plastic, wood or other material in your home or business. Mouse gnaw marks are small and scratch-like; rat gnaw marks are larger and clearly visible. If mice are nesting in a building, you may also notice their musky smell. You or your pets may notice the sounds of them gnawing, running or digging in your home, particularly when they are in your walls. Rats often leave dark smears on surfaces they rub against as they follow the same paths to travel around their territory. Mice and rats will leave footprints and tail marks on dusty surfaces.

Mice like to build nests inside your home or business, close to a food source. Rats, on the other hand, do not mind being a little further from their food and will live in holes and burrows around your home or business.

Two of the most common South Shore rodent control issues are the house mouse and the Norway rat. Homes and businesses are both vulnerable to rodent infestation, particularly by mice. If you see signs of a rodent infestation it is important to call in a professional rodent control expert as soon as possible to limit damage and the potential spread of disease.

The Pest Detective can take care of all your South Shore rodent control needs. Contact us today for a free inspection. Homeowner inspections are free as long as they are not for a real estate transaction. We provide professional residential and commercial rodent control services to the Brockton, Taunton and South Shore areas as well communities South and West of Boston.

South Shore mouse and rat control is part of our monthly and quarterly pest control programs.