South Shore Mouse Exterminator

South Shore Mice exterminator pest control company Middleboro MAMice can cause big problems if they get into your Massachusetts home. A mouse infestation will result in damage and the possible spread of disease. That’s why hiring an experienced mice exterminator like The Pest Detective is a smart choice.

Mice can damage insulation and other materials, particularly in your walls, attic and basement. If mice or other rodents chew on your electrical wiring they can start a fire. Mice love to shred soft materials to make nests. They will look throughout your home for nesting material and food. House mice, the most common type of mouse found in Massachusetts homes, make their homes in small, dark, hidden areas, like boxes in your attic.

As well as creating messes as they build their nests, mice also leave droppings. Mouse droppings, urine and saliva can carry disease. It is important that mouse nests are properly removed and all surfaces mice may have spent time on or travelled across are properly disinfected. Using a vacuum cleaner can further spread any viruses and bacteria left by mice in your home. A mouse exterminator and rodent control expert can ensure mice are safely removed.

As mice look for food, they can contaminate the food in your cupboards and pantry, as well as the shelves, your countertop, furniture and other surfaces. Salmonella, which can cause food poisoning, is a common bacteria spread by mice.

It is important that a mouse infestation is properly dealt with as soon as possible, to avoid damage and disease. Call a reliable South Shore mouse exterminator as soon as you suspect mice have gotten into your home. Check out our rodent control page to learn more about the signs of a mouse infestation.

The Pest Detective can take care of all your South Shore mice exterminator and rodent control needs. If you find evidence of a mouse infestation in your home, contact us today for a free inspection. Homeowner inspections are free as long as they are not for a real estate transaction. We provide professional residential and commercial  mouse extermination services to the Brockton, Taunton and South Shore areas as well communities South and West of Boston.