Hornet Wasp Pest Control

There are numerous species of hornets and wasps in Massachusetts, in a variety of shapes and sizes, even different colors. They are an important part of our ecosystem. One of the most important jobs of wasps and other species like them is pollination of fruit trees. However, colonies of hornets or wasps are a problem when they are established too close to homes, buildings and other areas of normal activity. Hence there are times when a wasp pest control service is needed. The Pest Detective can come to the rescue!

South Shore wasp pest control exterminator Plymouth Carver MATwo common stinging insects Massachusetts are baldfaced hornets and yellow jackets . While both can be beneficial, as they eat flies and caterpillars that can be pests and harm fruits and vegetables, but they also cause problems, especially for people with bee-sting allergies, when they nest in undesirable areas.

Unlike honeybees, which have a barbed stinger, a yellow jacket can sting multiple times due to its smooth stinger. Yellow jackets are more of a potentially harmful nuisance than baldfaced hornets because they like our favorite summer foods and drinks. They typically nest in holes, either in the ground or in trees.

Baldfaced hornets tend to avoid people and our normal activity, so are not considered dangerous. However, if a hornet’s nest becomes an interference, homeowners and business owners should never try to remove one on their own. Removing a hornet’s nest is difficult and dangerous without the right knowledge and tools. Hornets are territorial and will protect their nests.

Stinging insects can be a nuisance, and a danger for those who are allergic. The Pest Detective, your best wasp pest control service, can take care of all your South Shore bee and wasp control needs. If you have a stinging insect control issue, contact us now by using the form on the right or calling us.

Homeowner inspections are free as long as they are not for a real estate transaction. We provide professional residential and commercial hornet and wasp control services to the Brockton, Taunton and South Shore areas as well communities South and West of Boston.

Hornet and wasp pest control is part of our monthly and quarterly pest control programs.