South Shore Cockroach Control

Middleboro Carver Plymouth cockroach control exterminator Kingston MANo one wants to have a cockroach infestation in their home or business. Cockroaches are one of the last things visitors would want to find in your South Shore rental property. That’s why a cockroach control program like ours is a smart inexpensive investment.

The most common cockroaches in Massachusetts homes are German cockroaches and American cockroaches. All cockroaches can and almost always carry germs.

The German cockroach is a smaller specie of cockroach, less than an inch long. Typically tan, they can also be brown or black. They did not come from Germany. German cockroaches are vulnerable to cold so, in Massachusetts, only live near or in homes and businesses.

American cockroaches are a larger cockroach species found in Massachusetts. They can be longer than two inches and are usually reddish-brown. Like German cockroaches, American cockroaches do not do well in the cold. They like moist areas and are typically found in cellars and sewers.

Cockroaches can run quickly for their size and fit in very small spaces, making it easy to hide from people. They like dumpsters and decaying organic matter.

Because they inhabit areas full of decay, mold, feces, and germs, cockroaches easily carry bacteria and pathogens on their bodies and spread them to surfaces they walk on. These include food preparation surfaces and even food itself. Salmonella and E. coli are two bacteria cockroaches are known to carry.

As well as spreading disease to people, cockroaches can trigger allergic reactions and asthma as a result of their feces in dust. Cockroaches do not belong in any area commonly used by people.

The Pest Detective can take care of all your South Shore cockroach control needs. Contact us today for a free inspection. Homeowner inspections are free as long as they are not for a real estate transaction. We provide professional residential and commercial cockroach control services to the Brockton, Taunton and South Shore areas as well communities South and West of Boston.

South Shore cockroach control is part of our monthly and quarterly pest control programs.