South Shore Ant Control

Pembroke ant exterminator Plymouth Kingston MAAnts are a common invader of Massachusetts homes and that’s why having an ant exterminator visit your home on a regular schedule is so important. Three type of ants that are most troublesome for the South Shore MA area are pavement, pharaoh and carpenter ants.

As their common name implies, pavement ants tend to nest outdoors, in pavement cracks, along curbs and under rocks. They prefer greasy foods and become an ant control issue when they forage in your home, particularly if they infest a patio or kitchen.

Pharaoh ants are small. Their bodies are almost transparent, typically yellow to brownish-red. They like our food, and if they nest in your home, you will see them foraging. To avoid infestations, keep food put away, clean up spills and crumbs, do not leave dirty dishes, and properly cover garbage cans and empty them regularly. As pharaoh ants walk on various surfaces, they can spread disease. They are particularly tricky to eliminate.

Carpenter ants cause the most damage. These large ants are useful in their natural habitat, as they help decompose dead trees. In your home, however, they can slowly cause a level of damage similar to that caused more rapidly by termites.

Damp wood is particularly attractive to carpenter ants. Unlike termites , carpenter ants do not eat wood; they tunnel in it to build homes. Wood dampened by leaks or condensation, especially if it has started to rot, is easier for them to excavate.

Whether you are being troubled by pest ants invading your home or your home is being damaged by carpenter ants, The Pest Detective, an affordable pest control company, can take care of all your South Shore ant exterminator needs. Contact us today for a free inspection. Homeowner inspections are free as long as they are not for a real estate transaction. We provide professional residential and commercial ant control services to the Brockton, Taunton and South Shore areas as well communities South and West of Boston.

Carpenter ant control and regular ant control are part of our monthly and quarterly service plans available to homeowners and businesses.